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Davito wrote:

The raiding population is where you make a large majority of your profits from this game (I have 0 doubt in that statement), and if raiding gets screwed up by making it trivial, then you guys are lowering your standards down to that of other games (GW2, SWOTR, WoW, Rift), then what is going to keep that population here?  I mean if you guys had a clue, I would bet my life on the fact that if you took raiding out of this game (which by making it trivial and clearable withing 2 days of launch, you almost do), and you logged into your own game, there would be nothing left except the casual people that log in for a couple hours a week and sit around in the guildhall.


There is no coin limit on silver now, so really if you are a casual just sitting around not getting much new gear there is not a compelling case to be made for going gold when unlockers using 3x SC would likely be cheaper.  I know I pay for 2 subs as a raider, and that many others in my guild have multiple gold accts just due to the sheer volume of gear we get (don't slr, so everyone's 4th and 5th alt are geared by this point).

If we could clear the xpac in 2 weeks and we knew it would be 6 months of farming the same stuff and waiting for new content our recruiting thread would get much longer.

Not that fights even need to all be amazing like Theer.  Even somewhat boring fights like the pox shard one in drunder are okay, just make it so people have to actually pay attention and react, and get called out if they screw up.  Turning and burning everything and streaming or watching tv while you raid because the scripts are so vanilla or can just be healed through gets old, but many of the new encounters have not been much more than that.

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