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If they just wouldn't nerf that durn mending adorn...

don't worry one doesn't need to have a high level toon to know how to play it correctly!

Post a link to you zerker, with all the complaining you've been doing, I am interested in how you are geared, adorned and spect. It really can't be all that bad.

I think he lacks a few pieces of gear

Zerkers should never even have approached this level of healing ability in the first place; that have at various times outhealed the pally which just makes no-sense. But at the same time they should not have a plethoria of stoneskins... there is no need for a stoneskin-based warrior... we already have one fo those.

What *is* needed for the zerker class is stances/buffs which allow them to tank more offensively (e.g. dual weild/2handers)  forgoing the shield for other benefits; yes maybe a small heal for soloing asistance but your entire premise of healing to avoid damage is a concept already used to death by crusaders (and pallys spefically).

Zerkers need a niche... and they do not have one and banging on about some useless heals you're not going to get anything fixed.

Maybe a special AA line which allows you to use alcholic drinks as "health potions" so you get your heal... but you have to deal with the blurry vision of a true berserker and lashing out randomly at anythign and everything

Yes, Berserk is FAR too outdated to be useful, I have 180 DPS mod/Attack Speed, and the 2 berserk buffs I get do not make up for losing the max health/self healing/dps of an SK. (I play one as well, I even tested the changes, they are doing almost twice the healing they are on live, and taking even less damage because of the new damage reduction aa they recieved.)

Shadowknights may not out dps us on the parse, but they by far out DPS zerkers when a zerker is forced into sword/board, which is happening more and more lately as content gets even harder.

Also, Shadowknights do not have to worry about negatives, every berserker spell in the game has negative effects on them which make them hard or impossible to use.

Zerkers need 3 things right now: Non-Shield DPS/Non-Shield Survivability/a new Niche (A new berserk.)

But Blood Rage atm being a useless heal and what they are right now looking at, you can probably atleast understand my cause for concern, because it really does not heal for anything ...

(only procs when hit with a melee weapon, and does not heal enough to matter after solo content, and procs far too often when it doesn't need to proc, on taking damage a reactive would heal me for full anyways if im not dead.)

It would be 100 times more useful if it procced off melee attacks, that way it could help heal unpredictable spike damage instead of being a useless reactive heal.

The reason it procs such low HP is because it procs off every melee hit regardless of content, making me invincible in solo dungeons and dungeon maker!

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