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Zivgar wrote:

ReddyKY wrote:

My idea will increase the supply of fragments, supply and demand economics dictate increase the supply, the prices goes down.

Your idea, outside of tier 1, is a very poor one, and no amount of justification is going to change that.

Ok Reddy I will bite, comments in Red

So it was as I suspected then. The complaint about t1 transumting was just a ruse to cover the real intent and that was to make it easier for you get stuff. Thanks for at least being honest about it.

P.S. Transmuting is an item sink. It effectively removes coin from the game by keeping items from being vendored. As such, even if I were for your scheme, the cost of creating a item that supplants for a treasured item of that tier would, at a minimum, have to be as expensive as the vendor value of an adept spell; in your proposal it is not.

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