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Tollymore wrote:

Zivgar wrote:

Seems to me that a small fix in one Tier would be a small fix in all Tiers. Do you disagree with my statement? 

Yes, I do.

Its an utterly huge change, and will result in the only way anyone ever levels transmuting is with someone levelling a tradeskiller next to them.

Go buy the low level rares, or chronomentor down to 5 and run a new starter zone.

Tollymore I have seen you on AB selling weapons and I think it is great how you go about doing it.  If you could answer me the best way to level up tradeskilling?  I think all crafters would agree that it is via Rush Orders. The TS xp that you gain is huge, way more than just making single crafting items.  I am pretty sure that people will still level up using rush orders over what you suggested.  But you do have a very good point, but why is the only way to level up transmuting by farming the items or buying the items that other people have farmed? Why not make it that a crafter can level up transmuting? Why is that so bad? Again with HC items I only want fragments to come from them, nothing higher. No voids, no infusions, just fragments.

Now why do people level up transmuting skill? I see two reason. The first so they can transmute items, so they can make adornments (Level up adorning). 2nd transmute items so they can sell them (or sell the adorns), and I bet a little bit of both.  Now the crafter has a chance to do that and the market will dictate the prices, but I can't stress this point enough, HC items would only be transmuted into fragments of that tier. So crafters would only be able to get fragments.

It takes 1 mana, 2 infusions, 3 voids, and 6 fragments to make 1 superior adorn, a crafter would have to make 1236 items to make one superior adorn. If someone wanted to do that, they pay money to play this game then why not? Greater adorn 1 infusion, 2 voids, and 6 fragments that is 126 crafted items. Lesser adorn 1 void 6 fragments 16 crafted items. Why does a crafter have to rely on adventurers to get adornment materials?

If you are a silver member I heard you can't wear MC items, now when they get an upgrade of a HC piece they can transmute it instead of making it vendor fodder. I don't see how this is a bad thing. I don't see if a paying player wants to level transmuting and a tradeskill together is a bad thing. I will still level my last tradeskiller via Rush Orders and I will level that players transmuting via loot drops and crafting items, but at least with my idea that player has more choices, then just farming items or buying them on the broker. That is my point more options this will never stop maing Rush Orders the best way to level up a Tradeskiller.

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