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Zivgar wrote:

Mermut wrote:

Havest a few rares and make MC gear to transmute. Low level rares are pretty cheap if you don't want to harvest.

 Valid point I could do that, but why not just have it any handcrafted gear shouldn't be too hard to switch that. Obviously I don't mean items that you can make more than 1 of per craft such as ammo.  But that is a choice, I just want more. I have a harvest box full of T1 common, I see no reason that I can't make a couple items to help me gains those last few points. Or if I have crafted gear that is attuned to be able to transmute it instead of vendor fonder. I just want the option.

Zivgar wrote: would be much easier to raise your skill from 5 to 25 which I find is one of the more annoying lvl range to increase.

The problem is that when items dropped it was lvl 10 items and I couldn't transmute them yet. ... why can't I make handcrafted in order to get transmuting up?  

Why then the big long exposition on anything other than tier 1? You are suggesting broad changes to rectify what you acknowledge is a very limited problem.

I offered a solution that would require a small tweak and make things easier.

Mermut offered a "solution" that actually already exists for your problem.

You say you have 90 crafters...spend a few plat and buy enough low level rares to make Mastercrafted items that you can mute. It isn't that expenisive...and it does not take any longer to make than the handcrafted you propose.

Yet, you have jumped on neither of these as solution to your problem? Why the hesitancy to embrace either? Are you so cash poor that you cant swing a few plat, or do you have some hidden agenda.

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