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Morgania434 wrote:

@ Trevynoae Yeah i looked at your link, and the only changes are with regards to playing on a server you want, all- access type sub stuff. Nothing like what the customers actually wanted.

I hate to say it:

But we had voices predicting right that.Posting such a FAQ on a friday evening (10pm here in germany!) is very unprofessional business. But I am sure it was planned that way so we have a weekend to enrage and hopefully things will have calmed down until monday when HUMANS get back into their offices (Sorry Brasse - as much as I like(d) you - impersonating any kind of fantastic figurine is highly inappropriate here - please stay the person you are because that is what we deserve).


from what others reported so far - contact customer service and ask them to stop your subscription now and give you a prorated refund. at least that's what others could get.

@Llogwey: In fact - what you describe "except by PAYING a FULL sub for EQ2 and a FULL sub for EQ1" is what Coldor at PSS1 told me in a very blunt way on the IRC chat we had with him.

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