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SOE-Brasse wrote:


This is in fact communication from the executive - we don't posts this sort of thing on a whim. We are posting this information with our executive's direction and oversight. They are involved in every aspect of this deal, including the move to ensure that players can continue to play on any server they like.  As I have said, I realize that I am much shorter than Smed, but this is truthful, valid communication on behalf of SOE. 

Spin it how you want, but the fact remains that we have not heard from a single member of the executive outside of the Community Relations team - you may have posted a couple of times at their request but not one of them ie Smed, Smoke, or Holly has appeared in these discussions and addressed the players personally about the termination of SOE's contracts with us.

I'm not critical of you, after all you're just doing your job, but I am critical of those who have shied away from any direct contact with the players who they have discarded after many years - over 13 years in my case - and which I find a lamentable way to do business (quite apart from the actual decision to sell us off in the first place which I realise probably wasn't even down to them).

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