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So there's no wiggling out of it - unless your geo-ip returns as outside the bucket of countries PSS1 is assigned, you must use a PSS1 account and regardless of IP you must use PSS1 to connect to EU servers. Sony may not technically transfer any assosiated personal data but I bet you the PSS1 signup process will require plenty. Billing handled by PSS1 as well - credit card details - hopefully Sony will give them some advice based on experience from their wee problem last year.

I was considering resubbing but I have to admit this has seriously put me off. Signing up to PSS1 as a 76 year old woman at a made up address and playing free on a 'wait and see' basis seems safest for now SMILEY

Or if the rep guy reads this, answer me this please: if I sub now with SoE for say 6 months and cancel again. Do any details get transferred to PSS1 other than 'this guy has X months remaining'?

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