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[email protected] Bayle wrote:

Nod, i agree, wasnt saying that the 500-600 for a full set of gear is the answer, just an illustration of where the problem has gotten to.

And items are so common now that masters that would once go for a hard saved 10p sell for 50g.

The original point remains, no solution? and without a solution, stepping into the game as a 0 gold newbie would be harsh.

I mean, 5p to rent a merc and 25g per half-hour to maintain is nothing for established servers/players, but on a new server? Noone would be using mercs for a while, thats for sure.

That's good. I suppose.

I'm new and just a few months ago, silver was significant to me, for a short while. Gold is still notable to me, but not as much as a month ago.

I already see lost of posts from people who say, "so and so power leveled me, but now I can't solo worth a dang!!" - Mercs might even make that worse, if you had a pocket healer the whole time, would you ever learn to play the class well? Perhaps.

To me, the economy is what it is - some items I certainly cannot afford. The /auction channel is worthless to new players, there's no way I'm spending more than 75 gold on a single piece of gear right now - it will be replaced in 10 levels for sure.

So this forces me to group, tradeskill, farm, or solo dungeons for loots. That in turn increases my EQ2 gaming skills in a round-about way.

To me as a new player in this or other MMO's - an inflated economy means opportunity. People will pay large chunks of coin for some items - and that helps me out. Then if I try a new class, I have a couple plat for some twink gear or a mount. Having pretty much nothing - and I find a master level spell that I can sell for 5p - then I have a little spending cash. It's not all bad.

But it wouldn't hurt Sony to put in a plat sink, but I don't think it would change the playing field in the economy for new players. 10 plat or 500 plat - it's out of my reach and not worth it for anything that's replaced in 10 levels or even 20 levels, for that matter.

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