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Brigh wrote:

There needs to be more player interactive economy in this game. All items need a degradation scale, and all crafters would be sought out to fix equipment better than an NPC mender could.

Player to player transactions do absolutely ZILCH to address mudflation.  That's the point.  Coin must be destroyed, not simply shuffled across players.

[email protected] Bayle wrote:

The bigger problem is the new sinks only come with new expansions, so people just sit around betweene expansiosn saving up wealth.

I took a break at the launch of DoV, so I have some content to enjoy with this new exp too, but when I came back, someone told me that I could get sub-raid (but better than my pre DOV raid) gear by just spending 500-600 on a crafted set.

500-600p? and then telling me, yeah, thats like maybe 5 days of work if you go slow.

Once again, you are not fixing the problem.  Crafted gear doesn't destroy plat.  It just shuffles it around.  Plat must LEAVE THE GAME in order to address mudflation.

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