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chardz wrote:

in the meanwhile, i bet most of u buy SC cards and play the game for free, while (when F2P hits) keeping ur gold member in fact ur all contributing to the same thing ur complaining about, lol

It's still a short thread. If you want to start keeping track, I've never bought a SC card...with real money or plat. I did buy enough SC with cash for a few character slots and maybe one of the charity items.

I wish they'd put an end to the loophole that allows people to buy plat as long as SOE gets their cut.

That all said, buying SC cards with plat doesn't contribute to inflation. It just shifts already present plat around. So even if people in this thread are buying cards, that doesn't have anything to do with the point of this thread.

"EQ2 is not a "free to play" game, so microtransactions are unlikely to ever have the "front seat" role that they have in F2P games" - SmokeJumper - 4/20/2010
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