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[email protected] Bayle wrote:

Was thinking about this in my "I want a new server" thread...

Platinum is pointless now for older players, and to an extent, new players since older players will dump it on them in small amounts.

Could you imagine 5p hire mercenaries on a new server?

It seems like every expansion just worsens the problem because more money comes in with no good use for it. Same as the problem with every expansion making characters so powerful that previous zones become child play, and mentoring down or chrono'ing is still just silly.

Remember table top RPG's, when level 5 characters were exciting, not due to their power but the nature of the adventures content?

EQ2 has some EXCELLENT content, but none of it is a challenge anymore save for latest expansion raids/hard zones, which are only hard by making creatures have insane defenses and hitpoints.

Future MMOs may learn, probably not, but can anything be done for EQ2 to restore the economy to where a gold matters and risk is present?

I remember when having a few plat was amazing...I saved so much for my little 40% or so horse.. Anyways, the only way I can see this happening would be to change all the rates on money, then watch everybody's store of monies slowly shrink. Although, I can see a LOT of complaining throughout the process....

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