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Mecrushu wrote:

Seems that every time I try to use a complete or even mostly complete UI, I get stuck after every patch not being able to function because the patch changed one of the UI components.  Now you have to exchange it with the default or wait till the UI aurthor can update the UI.

How much of a problem is this with the Prophet UI?

Almost non-existent in my experience. I am admittedly a UI guruthough, and little slows me down from keeping most if not all of the UI intact and running even after patches. But even for the novice, Profit just doesn't break very often, and if a patch introduces changes to the UI that impact the mod, those that currently maintain the UI see to the issues as quickly as possible. There is an extensive help thread on the EQ2 Interface forums for this UI, which can be found here. Usually if you have a particular issue with the UI, you can make a quick post about it there and get some help pretty fast.

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