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I have been thinking about this for a while now and I think what items that can be transmuted needs to be changed.

I don't understand why handcrafted items can't be transmuted. Is it really that big of a deal to have these items transmutable?  For handcrafted items I would suggest that you can only get fragments from them.  If you changed this then it would be much easier to raise your skill from 5 to 25 which I find is one of the more annoying lvl range to increase. Just the other day I was killing a bunch of newbie area mobs just to get items to transmute and it took forever not mention taking away mobs from the actually newbies.

The problem is that when items dropped it was lvl 10 items and I couldn't transmute them yet.  I had to keep farming until I got adapt books. I don't want to buy these items and I have 8 90+ tradeskillers, why can't I make handcrafted in order to get transmuting up?  As it stands handcrafted is rarely used, at least what I see.

Now if people are worried about making tons of hand crafted to get mana's well think about this . . .

For rounding sake lets say it take 1 minute to make an item, actually lets go in the other direction and say it takes 30 seconds. 

10 fragments to make a void = 5 minutes

10 voids to make an infusion = 50 minutes

10 infusions to make a mana = 500 minutes ~ 8 hours 20 minutes

So it takes roughly 8 to 9 hours to make 1 mana if you wanted to make handcrafted items.  

I couldn't imgaine anyone wanting to do that, but what it would help with is early transmuting skill ups and help crafters by making a market for handcrafted items (ok it really wouldn't help that much because the cost to make the item would not be worth the selling price).  Plus when I was leveling up my transmuting I would go to Stormhold and kill the whole zone and this takes away from people who want to level up in these zones.  Its not a big deal, but some one going into a zone with raid gear killing all names kinda sucks for the people at that actually level range.  Would making handcrafted items fix this? Probabely not, but it would give another option which I think more choices always makes a game better.

A 2nd agruement against this would be that it would kill the market prices for these adorning materials.  Of course it would lower the price, but I feel only on the fragment market, nothing on the void market, nothing on the infusion and mana market. I have proof taken straight from the game. (These prices are based from AB server one of the most populated). For this purpose I will take the highest tier since that is where it would really change the price market.

Underfoot Fragements cheapest on AB ~ 38gp

Making a handcrafted item T9: Fuel costs 1gp 56sp x5 = 7gp 80sp cost to make 1 fragment (Save ~30gp)

(This would lower the cost of fragments if some one wanted to make these. Again to make 1000 would roughly take 8 hours without potions)

As someone who makes there own adornments I always run out of fragments and I never have enough. I rarely get adept books to mute them, there is no long teasured items that drop in that tier unless I want to farm SF. What I do is convert my voids into fragments. As of right now if this came into the game, I would still convert my voids into fragments and not make HC items to mute into fragments that seems silly to me.  But my point is if someone wanted to do that now they can. I am all about choices.

Void Powder cheapest on AB ~ 44gp

Making HC item T9: 7gp 80sp x 10 = 78gp to make 10 fragments to convert to 1 Void Powder. ( Lose ~38gp )

Allready we see that it would cost roughly 34 more gp to make 1 void powder than it is allready in the game.  Well I just don't see a lot of people spending the time to make these items just to sell. There is no profit in it. If you are some one who thinks this would drop the market then the profit margin would get even worse making less sense then to do this as a money maker.

Infusion of the Void cheapest on AB ~ 3pp

Making HC item T9 = 78gp x 10 = 7pp 80gp to convert to 1 Infusion of the Void ( Lose 4pp 80gp )

Distilled Mana cheapest on AB ~ 24pp

Making HC item T9 = 7pp 80gp x 10 = 78pp to convert to 1 Distilled Mana ( Lose 54pp )

As you can see from the examples above this would only lower the market price on fragements which is way out of line because the supply is so low. This will help the supply, but I still feel players will mostly get the fragments from converting voids. Transmute one legendary item get a void then get 7 fragments or craft 7 items to get the same result.  All this does is just give us players more choices.

So what do other people think about this? I would really like to see this put into the game. I welcome all feedback for or against as long as you explain your points.

I just wanted to add this part as I was re-reading my post I want to clearly define my intent: I added this part on 5/4

1) Give players another option to level up transmuting ( I feel the biggest benefit will be low level transmuting)

2) Balance the fragment market. You need 6 fragments to make each adornment tier (lesser, greater, superior). I feel these are the common item in the adornment materials, these should have the largest supply and be the cheapest component. As it stand it is almost the same price of voids and sometimes cost more. Is my idea the solution? I would say no, but I do feel that it can help. Some people think this idea would flood the market, so if they are right then it would lower the price. But what would the price be? I would say at least around 7gp 80sp (cost of T8 fuel x5) But the cost of a fragment if you down converted from a 30gp Void Powder would be 5gp 28sp that is cheaper than a HC item transmuted into a fragment, so my idea would still not be the best option, just another choice. The best option would be one that is allready in the game.

3)Give crafters the ability to have a viable means to level up transmuting and enter the fragment market. Adorning is crafting, so why is it only adventurers can get these items to make the components? All I am proposing is to give something back to crafters. Allow them equal oppertunity to gain these adorning materials just as an adventurer can.

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