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The zone is easy for healers/tanks... that's already confirmed.

As an Illusionist, with 74k resists across the board and 700k hp's, I have no problem with any of the zone (including Captain), the only exception to this is Lady Bipsie.. and honestly, I think if you guys just up the healing of merc healers then this encounter will be fine too. I'm not talking about having Krivok pump out 100k hps, but the 5k hps that he's currently pumping out isn't enough to overcome the constant DoT (Dangerous Flirtation) which kills the Merc by the time the second round of adds spawns. Another solution to this, might be to make the merc;s immune to the AoE..

Now I was able to beat her a few times by spec'ing undeath and unleashing everything I had, but that strategy was luck based on where she ended up on the port.
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