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I'm a level 96 Wizard. All but one armor slot is Gemmed energize the last with a mystical piece. The rest of my slots are all raid quality, several good ToV raid drops. Everything is adorned.

This zone is definitely tuned too hard for something that is supposed to be "[Solo] Intended level for this version is 95, straight out of the last expansion"

It might be ok for classes that can take the hits, or recover from them such as tanks and healers, but as a cloth wearer, This is a bit crazy. Trash health can be a little lower. Not drastically, but it is a bit high for a 95 solo zone designed for last expansion gear.

Bibsie, in her current form is simply not fun. As far as I can tell, it comes down to threo reasons.
1. Cloth wearers (even with defensive AA's, I have tried) take too much damage during the encounter.
2. My Healer Merc doesn't have a prayer at keeping me alive. It's very slow to heal, and I am seeing an average of about 55K HP healed. That averages out to just about 10% of my health.
3. My healer merc can't survive. Because of my gear and DPS, I can get past the first wave of adds but when she reappears my merc dies. So I am now low health no healer.

Right now, this is a show stopper. I can't progress past this point for the quest, so I can't work on getting beta rewards, or test other quests. For something that is supposed to be tuned for level 95, average gear and solo, it is not. Dozens of deaths in your first solo zone in the solo questline without success, when you are trying to level, ie not get XP debt, isn't good at all.
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