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At level 92, people are just expected to have ~300 AAs. Also, it's pretty clear that AAs are not the future of the game but Prestige AAs and those are automagically earned by leveling. It made sense for AAs to be a big accomplishment in KoS and EoF. It makes less sense now.

Which is the exact reason I'm raging.  No AA = less to do in game or in endgame overall.  Not sure why people feel taking things OUT of the games is a good thing when it just gives us something to do?  Why do we want the game to end so quickly that we pay for monthly then whine there is nothing to do?

No AA, no factions, no access quests.  Level to cap, do dungeons, raid.  Sounds like every other MMO to me.  Keep taking timesinks out of MMOs why wouldn't I just play a console RPG?

The same thing I keep repeating on the boards and the same thing I'm trying to make developers understand.  Players will ALWAYS ask for things to be easier in games.  They always want things dumbed down and things made easier/faster so they can get their "carrot" faster.  Point of an MMO is to keep that carrot nearly unreachable, otherwise why continue paying your company money but maybe every expansion if that?  When the developers listen to the community and continually make things easier we've seen what happens to the game then haven't we?  That OTHER game...  But when it's challenging and offers plenty of content, reward, and satisfaction for completing goals the game only grows and grows.  Reaching that 280 aa mark is one of the rewarding challenges and imo should have had AA milestones the whole time in the game.  Say at 70 required 200aas to press on (random number) and so forth and so on.  Not sure why developers aren't copying what made the other game so rich instead of copying what made the other game start to fall off lol.  It's just so silly to me.  You have business majors in your company along with master software designers and yet you can't see this?

Why aren't you playing EQ1 instead of complaining about changes to EQ2? EQ1 is clearly the game for you. Or maybe Vanguard.

I fully expect to find these AA baubles in the Marketplace the day CoE launches. Are you going to pop a vein when they are for sale?

I would most likely quit.

Also I use station pass and I play EQ1 as well as EQ2.  I primarily play EQ1 however on progression servers...Fippy atm.  Just hate to see a good company go the same route as every other developer and make MMOs into a dumbed down pile of mush.

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