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Uwkete-of-Crushbone wrote:

[email protected] wrote:

Crafting is easy.

There is a little to learn - use the keys proactively - but the tutorial teaches that.

Just drumming your fingers on 4,5,6 without paying attention will succeed over 90% of the time (perhaps 80% below level 20).

If you pay attention you can be a bit faster and even more reliably successful. (I can't always be bothered)

There are plenty of things for boosting the crafting process (which are not required and I don't beother with).

That used to be true.  I liked burning through the 1-9 stuff, largely because a lot of my lowbie alts could use what I could make (house items and boxes/bags are always cool!), but I really wanted to get to level 20 as painlessly as possible.  I've been in EQ2 since the days of subcombines, so I know completely what a PitA it used to be, complete with trying to track down all the various skills you needed to have pre-set up somewhere on a hotbar.  At least making the subcombines helped you level up...  Then came the time when we got an extra XP boost for the first time we made something (a hold-over from the days when Pristine was the top level of quality, was dam' near impossible to achieve, and merited extra XP if you could do it). This was wonderful, but because the Sages got "too many recipes," it was not only yanked from all of us, but I can tell from my own experience that crafting in the 10-19 levels now, especially with my lowbie alts, seems to have gone the other way, nearly punitively; those of you at 90+ might not see how nasty it can be now. Yes, I'm glad I'm not having characters literally die at the forge any more (in the subcombine days, that was a real hazard),

It is true now. It didn't use to be.

I too have been crafting since the days of lots of subcombines, though after forge deaths were removed.

Pristine was easy to achieve even then once you started using the abilities pro-actively, but it was made easier when Rok came out. That was when it became possible to craft without paying any attention and get 90%+ pristine.

I have tried taking a alt up from 1-20 recently, and yes it is a little harder than at higher levels, but it is still very easy.


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