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I really dislike the fact that brig gets alot of CC effects on CAs and yet they 1. rarely work on heroics, and 2. are completely useless in raids. They give us 2 taunts and a snap ability (shenanigans) yet no survivability, wheres the 30 second stoneskin? SOE just gave all fighters recklessness which i dont even want to talk about how much dps that allows them to do but it makes us look stupid. so Fighters get heals and defense and scoutlike dps, Priests get decent dps and can heal, Brigand gets nothing, no defense, no heals, and certainly not decent dps. This class is terrible the way it stands, and im sure if you look at whatever demographic data you can rustle up, you will find that Brigand is probably the least played class. and cmon.. let us get both Sunder and Change of Engagement.
CoE & Sunder in 2012

Please Fix Brigands.


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