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Ok so whats the incentive for the big "Wall Space" if you're telling everybody to preorder and have it shiped? Wouldn't that just be again bypassing the need for putting it on the store shelf? The majority of the ppl that are buying it are going to have it shiped or used the digital download. So again, putting it on the shelf its really going to have a limited impact. And i'm sure the majority of the stores like normal will only get in a handfull of copies and all of this will backfire.

But i guess it should be anticipated. SOE tends to push promo's and other things like this primarilly for the US market while failing to ensure that a large amount of thier player base is taken care of. As you pointed out you can't compete with Blizzard but maybe you should look at some of the things they do to ensure you satisfy your entire playbase and not just 1 portion of it.

A lot of people are influenced by bestseller charts, if you ask people to download things directly there is no register of the sale. Anyone that has worked in retail can tell you the power of product placement when it comes to impulse buying, "eyeline is buyline" as an area manager I used to know irritatingly said quite a lot, he was right though :p

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