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It doesnt make a lot of difference which system is used, because the people wanting to up that house would vote down the others, ensuring it stayed up there, or will mass like this one, or whill game whatever system is in place. 

it makes a huge difference, because the LIKE system only requires a one-time voting of guildmembers to push up their house, while a 1-5 rated system requires constant involvement, checking of the current Top-10, and downvoting lots of other houses. Because it takes much more effort - chances are pretty good that many guildmembers wouldn't care anymore to keep their house on top, and not push it up (by having to downvote lots of other new houses).

summary: Like only takes a one time effort, while the other method requires constant downvoting - much more work, and thus much harder to do a scam.

Honest guildmembers would also feel guilty to downvote a good competitor, so you shouldn't forget peoples conscience - some have one I hear.

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