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I managed to bug this quest to the point that I cannot finish it.  The bug seems to stem from an issue with the previous "Emergency Exit" quest.

While doing the Emergency Exit quest I freed the first scout, then freed the second scout, but then I had to log off.  Then, later, I came back and freed the first scout again without thinking about it.

This then triggered the timer to lead the scout back to the camp, however, since I hadn't hailed the 3rd scout I had nobody to lead back to the camp.

Then, as I was running around the area looking for the scout to lead back I was attacked by a siphoner near the Tourbillion and that, in turn, triggered the ring event for the Only Way Out quest (even though I didn't have the quest at that point).  I went through the ring event (not realizing at that point that it was actually part of another quest) and killed the last mob.

I then repeated and finished the Emergency Exit quest and got Only Way Out.  Now, no matter how many siphoners I kill around the Tourbillion, I cannot get the ring event to start.  Now I cannot advance the Only Way Out quest.

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