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I experience crashes, like clockwork, when transitioning from the outdoor regions of Kylong Plains to indoor regions (inside buildings, etc). The reverse does not cause crashes (going from indoor to outdoor).

I have tried toggling indoor CPU shadows off and on with no effect. I am not certain at this time if it effects other areas, I just now managed to isolate the cause of crashes as outdoor > indoor transitions.

*Edit* -- When I say transition, I don't mean it in the sense of a zone transition. I mean the process of entering a structure that is computed as indoor (thus the render engine switches to indoor shadows, etc).

Win7 x64

16gb 1600mhz RAM

Nvidia GTX 570

Intel i7 2600k

Any additional information I can supply just ask. This is actually quite game-breaking for me, crashing every time I enter a structure and sometimes dying because of it.

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