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#1  We are not sins.  Keep calling us sins and no one will take you seriously.

#2  We are not rogues.  Keep calling us rogues and no one will take you seriously.

#3  With the expansion less than a week away, its no use trying to give you rules.  Its all about to change, TBH.  What conandar said is pretty close for the current game (if you ignore continually calling us rogues), but for instance in DoV, wisdom will be worthless too.  I'm not even sure str will still affect carrying capacity. 

#4 The best advice I can give you for learning how to play any class is to go to a website we're not supposed to link on the official forums because they allow cussing.  I can't link it, but I think I'm allowed to tell you its called eq2flames.  Go with a thick skin though. 

#5 Conandar was almost right about the AA lines too, except for the wisdom line.  After str and agi, its a toss up between the int line and going far enough in the sta line to max out AE auto attack.  Actually, the best advice I can give you on AA is to show you an AA calculator.  This is (I think) the aa spec I'm running right now.  Play with it, read the descriptions.  They are very accurate.  The guy who put it together did an excellent job.  I hope he updates it for DoV.[email protected]@[email protected]

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