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Hi guys. Well I finally got to I decorate all but one room in my tier 1 hall completely by myself! With many materials generously donated to me by my friends in the Green Dragon, and other friends on the Permafrost server. Thank you so much! I had such a blast decorating an entire hall! Here are some screenies. If you would like to check it out, The Adamz Family guild is located in Gorrowyn and is open to the public! Come on by and pick up some candy while you are in the "house". 

This is the sight that greets visitors to The Adamz Family guild hall. The family plots are centuries old. The mistress frequents this gloomy spot often. It is so ....peaceful cara mia. The second picture is our teleportation room. Here I created a "pumpkin man". Beneath that is our hearse. It may not be much, but it gets the mistress where she needs to go, and since the horse is well trained, she can enjoy the ride from her coffin. You know the sun how it burns those of us of fairer complexions. Muwahahaha.

Then we're on to the dungeon. Where the Mistress keeps those members of the "family" who have misbehaved in one way or another. Not that they mind. Our family is notorious for it's masochistic members. Occasionally however, the Mistress goes too far...Not to worry though, the spirits of her unintentional victims come back as spirits to haunt the house. It's all consensual. (evil grin) If you look very closely at that sarcophagus, you will see that it is occupied. Not to worry, that's just Wednesday. She takes after her mother. Coffins are so cozy! 

Ah nice aquarium! However, Mistress forgot to clean up after the shark's last meal. So the water may look a little, well...cloudy. Hahahahaha!

The remaining pictures are of the doorway, the dining area, the library, and our kitchen. I'd bring some tums if you plan on staying for dinner. It seems that we are unable to convince grandmother, that arsenic is not a spice. It has quite a kick to it. Ah well if you survive one meal, the good news is you build up a tolerance to it over time. 

This concludes our tour of the Adamz Family Guild hall. Please.....won't you stop by? >=)

Mortisha A'Damz Guild Mistress of the Adamz Family guild, Permafrost server

Happy Nights of the Dead everyone!!! (Happy Halloween!) Again I just did this for fun.

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