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The chance to proc is on primary weapon hits, no matter if it's on the primary weapon or a secondary.  If you have the same adornment on 2 weapons dual-wielded, does that increase your chance for that proc?  That's still a bit of an unknown. If the procs are different, though, they will both have a chance to proc, but only on the primary weapon hits.Can you adorn, perm or temp, any weapon whether single or dual wielded? yes.  Does it make the proc go off with secondary hits? no.  Does it increase the overall proc rate? unknown.  It's much the same as wearing 2 crafted proc rings, such as the imbued INT ring.  If you wear 2 of the same, you might get a slightly increased chance to proc.  If you wear 2 different rings, both procs have a chance to trigger using the same mechanism.
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