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lawray1946 wrote:

It would help to know where these zones are, it seem everone knows but aint talking,   thanks

The zone is at the beach area in OP.  It is only entered into through the Sig questline in OP.  You need to clear the questline to gain access.

Overall, I liked the mini zone.  The mobs were a bit tough but with careful pulls and rooting its doable solo or with a merc.

Getting the merc in zone was fun and interesting - yes please dont let it overwrite your previous merc.

Lastly, the Drinal encounter... what exactly are you supposed to do?  I sent in the merc to attack, and then tried to hit Drinal with the quest item, and dont believe anything happened.  I then tried and dmg Drinal, and was splatted quite quickly.  Then could not complete the quest due to the merc disappeared and would not return.

Any help is appreciated.

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