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[email protected] wrote:

They took away the fee for eq2players like 2 years ago when they revamped the site.

Ah, you must be a SOE apologist, I suppose?

The basic functionality of the EQ2Players site has always been free, and a core part of the game since the game's release. It was only on November 12, 2007 during the EQ2Players RoK Release (3.4) that SOE attempted to monetize EQ2Players. They took away some of the formerly free data, and added it to some additional features, which were available on a somewhat a la carte basis, as well as part of a $3/mo. bundle.The problem was, and I present the posts in this very forum as evidence, the paid (and free) features frequently did not work, and when they did, they did not work consistently or for all their paying customers. And they continued to have massive problems throughout the entire some two-year period the paid services were available.

Now, I'm sure you've seen the postings from the so-called Customer Service representatives, which have fairly consistently parroted statements such as:

Raster wrote:


Not able to edit EQ2 Station Players character admin settings

Response (TSR Dennis G.) 01/26/2011 11:54 AM

Greetings xxxxxxxxx,Thank you for your continued interest with EQ2/EQPlayers site. Since the fees for Station Players were dropped, the resources to maintain these sites are very limited. As a result of this any resolutions to the problems plaguing Station Players remain to be undetermined. We apologize for any inconveniences this has caused.Regards,Dennis G.

This is nonsense.

The EQ2Players service is only of interest to people who play the game (F2P is only a relatively recent development, and isn't really relevant to the discussion). It is fundmentally part of the game service. Its reason to exist, and its funding, is part of the subscription fees and other revinues produced by the players. It has been since the game's release. The addition, and subsequent scrapping, of the paid services does not alter this, nor provide an excuse.

It also fails to explain why, when the EQ2Players service added aditional paid services, the service established an even worse record.

Folks, let me make it clear: the thing about the paid service ending causing all these problems? The service was already having problems well before that.

It's a red herring.


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