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So, as i said, can you please make them possible to get via non cash methods, even if it is either ultra rare drop or a really really long quest.

While I realize that times are tough for many people. Many others aren't suffering as badly as others. Offering them via a non-payment would all but cease future purchases of those items. Which defeats the purpose of the sales all together. You're asking them to sell exclusively to the truly lazy audience. Which is probably a pretty small minority.

Besides.. how do they compensate the people who have already purchased said items now that they're available for free? I personally dropped around $200 on a few outfits and potions which I certainly would have quested for instead if it were an option. How do I get compensated for my purchases now that they are offered for free?

And Spyder completely alienates yet another person on the forum with his arrogance and his condescending manner.

Not everyone can spend $200.00 RL dollars on SC Spy, glad yer well off rub it in a little more, and I think you called the guy lazy too.

Way to go dude, you never cease to amaze me.


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