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Best way to make money at low levels is from shineys, they are the gold question marks on the ground you collect. But as a f2p player you won't be able to put things on the broker without it costing you real money. Honestly, I would not worry about money at all and just play the game to level and get items from quests. There currently isn't a way for a f2p account to store money to buy kronos, the link given was a mockup by a player to show what they think SHOULD be available. Personally I don't think you need to worry about being gold until you're at L60+. But, if you can afford to buy subscriptions it opens the game out a bit more. Being able to move your xp bar to ensure you get plenty of AA points, and the coin limit removed and being able to sell on broker is the biggest things under 60. After L60 quest rewards and item drops start becoming more frequently Legendary, so that benefit of being gold helps also.
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