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In my honest personal opinion...

I think EQ2 has the best combat/spell animation. It was profesionally done with motion capture using the same professional combat artists that worked with actors on movies such as the matrix.

Not many MMO's use mo-cap for their character animations. To me, EQ2 character movements look and feel more real than any other game i've tried.

However I do think some of the spell particles could look better (I personally enjoyed the original Spell Effects a lot better than the revamped ones we have today).

Again, just my 2 copper pieces. 

Also, maybe another tip if you are going to try the game... The first thing I'd do when you enter the world of Norrath, is right click your chat window and leave the 1-9 channel. That is where a lot of "bad apples" seem to congregate and talk trash. The crafting channel and newbie channel will probably offer more mature chat and better help. Also joining a nice casual helpful guild is always a plus 


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