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Its kind of hard to guestimate actually...

For gear/spells the unlockers are 150 SC (or $1.50) for 5. The spell unlockers are the same price as the gear unlockers.

If you buy SC during a double or triple SC event the end up being far cheaper technically, but for the sake of this example, i'll just use current prices.

100sc = $1

Gear/Spell unlockers 150sc (or 30 cents per)

There are 21 different slots for gear.

At end game, most classes have an average of 25-30 different spells between level 80-90 to upgrade.

For gear if you do 21/5 = 4.  Unlockers come in sets of 5, so you'd need about 4 to unlock every slot (4 x 150sc = 600sc).

Spells: 30/5 = 6. then (6 x 150sc = 900sc)

Now, once you upgrade the spells to master, you wont need to buy more spell unlockers until the level cap is increased and you have new spells available.

Gear on the otherhand, if you are playing the free model and buying unlockers, you'll need to keep buying unlockers for the gear upgrades that you get during your groups and/or raids.

Also, they just came out with an in game item called "Krono." As a free player, if you save up enough plat in-game (currently 400-700pp) you can buy one of these from a player and when you use it, it gives you 1 month of gold membership. From what I understand, since at level 90 with a free account you can only carry 4 plat (18p for silver members), they've created a special bank where you can deposit your plat to go towards buying Kronos. A better description can be found here 

Hope this helps and/or makes sense! lol Feel free to ask any other questions


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