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Tried it again a few more times today. On avarge its doing 4% and 1%. The power proc is ok though I reckon. 67% to soothing mind at 33%. That was on solo dummy though. Just messing around doing quests and on groups it did much better.

They also changed Illusionary Vigor to just 1 potency per rank. BS imo.

Honestly, the Vigor change doesn't really bother me that much considering were getting a decent potency proc on our DR and it's likely that Vigor isn't going to be up as often as everyone is predicting anyway (mostly group's i'd say, im not sure if I would spec it for raids but thats going to be something to look at when everything hits live. I like Vigor and the functionality of it right now and honestly the nerf to 1 potency per rank was justified because every other support class got theirs knocked down as well. 

As far as the damage/changes done to Chromatic Illusion, I think dev's went the wrong way but buffing up the damage enhance on it and making it instant cast rather then making it a longer-reuse/higher damage nuking ability but 6% with triggers doing 1% of our damage is still really weak for an endline, the base numbers need to be brought up in my opinion to where its somewhere around the 9%/2% range, making it compareable to our current big-hitters that we cast every time their up (cause honestly, im not sure if i'd still use it outside of AE/Encounter fights rather than just using it as a filler in my casting order or something quick to use for another hit on PoM/ET/VC). My suggestion would be to give all the base numbers a 5-10% or so increase and that should put it just under the DPS of Theorms/Prismatic Shock and right above Beam, as well as on encounters making it compareable to Shower. So another buff to Chromatic might be in order to just get it to that sweet spot of damage that it needs to be. (I liked the damage increase on the enhancement but as stated above, the base numbers are still just a bit to low)

My MAIN issue right now though is still the pet. As I was informed of today, at SOE Live there were a few devs that were happy to report that our pet wasn't going to be a "dumbfire" pet anymore essentially, but as many people have said and testing has shown, that 30% damage reduction still is not cutting it because out pet is still being 1 shot by AOE's. Why not add in a benefit that the last rank of the damage reduction adds in a permanant AOE blocker on the pet (unless direct of course) that adds benefit to those 3 points being added while still not making our pet totally overpowered. Damage for Damage, even with a permanant AE blocker, our pet wouldn't even come close to Conjy/Necro pets which is perfectly acceptable considering that conjy/necro pets should do more damage than our pet. Yet another intricate part of that is that Conjy and Necro's rely on their pet as well and have many different saves/heals/ae immunes/etc making it so that not only do they rely on their pet but their pet relys on them as well (Pets give them benefits and vice versa), while our pet is just an added short amount of DPS to our parse and an addition of a soloing ability, our pet isn't worth a recast when it dies to every raid AE because its going to take more from our dps just to die again, we do not have a heal to cast on our pet because it isn't part of our class, we do not have any added benefit except the extra bit of damage that our pet puts out. Heck, the pet honestly wouldn't even suffer from a small boost in its damage output but that would be useless without the survivability factor. Right now the current strategy behind keeping our pets alive is to use Sever Hate's AOE Block portion on it to keep our pet alive from red text/other aoes but this brings 2 problems into itself, firstly not all AOE's are avoidable with blockers and the pet will still die if an AOE is delayed or timers are misread. Secondly it wastes Sever hate's functionality of being able to cast it on a scout when they draw aggro, casting it on a healer when they are about to get hit on an AOE etc, we have the option of keeping a pet alive that will add minimal damage to the mob or to cast the Sever Hate on someone more important in a raid and allow them to continue to function through the AOE.  The only other solution to fixing the pet honestly is to go back through the pet's scaling stats and increase the amount of HP/Avoidence/Defensive Stats/Resist that it has but that would cause more work than needed because you'd have to look at other factors such as just how much they need to withstand a raid mob's AOE and live as well as how they would fair verse normal encounters etc. One last note is that the AOE blocker would have to be one of the better AOE blockers out that there blocks just about everything except for Red Text (It would keep illusionist as a skillful class to ensure that whenever a red-text aoe is about to hit that their pet is backed-off otherwise lose the dps and seconds it would take to recast). 

EDIT on pet subject: I just tested it and the Illusionst Pet, while having TC and Synergism + Group Buffs is only doing 25k DPS on Epic Training Dummy (I've seen conjy/necro pets literally put out 10x that number), so if that might help put things in perspective just how low the dps is, and what we have to go through just to keep that extra dps out there. We could use some pet love in terms of DPS but I'd settle for surviveability first. 

I might sound like a broken record by now, but when I heard that there were some dev's really excited about this at SOE Live and how Illusionists pet weren't going to be useless anymore I got a bit sad considering that even with 30% damage reduction, the pet still dies to any raid-encounter aoe that has a damage component to it. 

EDIT: Also. I would just like to thank you Dev's thus far because you have been really responsive to everyones suggestoins/critism and have done very good with the changes and help balancing things to make us a good counterpart to a Coercer and useful to groups/raids as well as good soloing characters. 

Ok. Firstly sorry if these images are to big, im a scrub when it comes to linking these things. This is a Encounter of normal dummies parse from 100% - 0% for sake of duration, casting normal priority for spells and damage as you can see I only casted my temp buffs combined with Chromatic Illusion (Casted every time possible), Chromatic Storm (Casted once I believe?) and Shower. Shower over doubles the DPS on the encounter based mobs while storm comes in right behind at a very close 3rd place behind Illusion. Honestly had I cast Storm twice rather then once I wouldn't be surprised if it had out DPS'd Chromatic. So on AOE fights, where the spell is suppose to outshine our big hitters, its DPS was still sub-par with Storm.

This was an Epic Training Dummy from 100% HP - 0% (love how you added more HP to the epic dummies as well.) My crushing damage is based off a 1hander hence why it is so low. Casted temps every time they were up, cast priority was Prismatic, Theorms, Shower, Chromatic Illusion (Everytime it was up pretty much), Re-apply dots followed by Beam. As you can see Beam almost outshined it and was lower on the cast priority list, Dynamism and Peace of Mind (both buffs) out-damaged an actual spell which isn't out of the order considering how amazing they both are, but 5% of our damage is low. Granted this is a single target fight but compareable to that of a coercer who's single-target dps from their new line was upwards 15-20% depending on how they mixed it into the fight, it is VERY weak. 

This is the mana-parse, honestly the mana side of things are ok, but not amazing. Through the duration of the 16 minute fight it was barely capable of keeping my mana from reaching 0 (Same conditions apply to the previous parse about cast order etc). Had to put savante in there to keep myself from zeroing out on mana and as soon as I did I pretty much filled back up. It could use a little bit of love mana wise but honestly combined with out other mana tools it is fine, at least from eye value where we are mostly blind about encounter scripts for raids. (If more power drains are added, might need some love in the future to help group.)

For sake of comparison for the 13 minute fight, this is a 3 minute fight (compareable to what you would see on trash fights). Overall DPS stayed rather the same around 220k, this time I prioritized Chromatic over everything except for temp buffs and as you can see Beam did more damage than it this time around, Dynaism less (less casts in a long period are going to render this result for a lot of things though) and Mystic Illusion remains at 1% of our DPS again. Honestly, that extra 1% is not going to be worth the 3 points that could be put into the pet mastery and its a pretty obvious choice to make (as long as the pet mastery is reworked into something worth-while.)

Essentialy, once again compared to our counter part class who's new line is doing a respectful 15% of their dps (and from my knowledge most other classes damage is around that area), our line is doing merely 5%-6%, with 1% from the addtional strikes put into it. Between me and my pet on the parses the Mystic Illusion procs wouldn't wasted because of the casting speeds between us both. I think that the base numbers need to be brought up and the base numbers on Mystic Illusion need to be brought up to fill in that extra damage advantage to make it competitive point wise with our Pet damage reduction or the Potency buff from Illusionary Vigor. I know this was probably an insanely long post to read and respond on but I like to be thorough when it comes to things such as class balancing especially when it comes to the class I play 100% of the time.

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