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Geothe wrote:

The health/power pots are stupid.  Yay for 3 SC "consumables"?Make them non-consumable and on a 1hr (cant be reduced) recast, and now were talking... kind of. heh.

Overall, however, EXTREMELY lack luster vet rewards, again.

for someone with a November 10, 2004  join date it might be too long ago for you to remember all (and I mean 30+) consumables you've gotten along the way.  6-50% XP, 6-77% XP, 6-110% XP, etc, etc, etc.... each and everyone of them available on the cash shop.  and we have people asking for more in this thread, like the first 30 or 40 XP pots wasn't enough to get a capped toon.

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