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Juggercap wrote:

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Be prepared for the fall out. Loads of people will unsubscribe as the major benefit of a Gold sub will no longer be there. All the other things are incidental and can be bought if and when required.

The only benefit of Gold will be to block all the micro transaction popups that must be coming our way for SOE to somehow recover the lost revenue. If I am going to get those as a gold subscriber, then I'll unsubscribe.

AA slider is still not movable by free accounts.Gold players have access to most races & classes, all if they've bought AoDGold players don't have to worry about item & spell unlockers, which at 90+ are an increasingly major headache.

If you think the gold cap is "the major benefit" then you're not thinking, but please feel free to unsub. I recommend everyone do so, since SOE does not deserve your money.

AA slider doesn't matter if you're capped.

Grandfathered characters don't need to worry about races and classes.

A few unlockers for spells a year, and unlocking some gear is far cheaper than a monthly sub.

Then removal of the restriction is a win win situation for grandfathered characters at the cap who are stingy with unlocks. Unsub and enjoy the unlimited coin feature on F2P.

I'm not entirely sure what your point was with that extreme example.

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