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SteelPiston wrote:

Be prepared for the fall out. Loads of people will unsubscribe as the major benefit of a Gold sub will no longer be there. All the other things are incidental and can be bought if and when required.

The only benefit of Gold will be to block all the micro transaction popups that must be coming our way for SOE to somehow recover the lost revenue. If I am going to get those as a gold subscriber, then I'll unsubscribe.

Hmm lets do some quick math...

Without gold sub, in order to have all access to your bags, classes, and races, and character slots, that would be $213.50.

Then you also factor in gear (to unlock 1 peice of gear for each type of slot you have would be another $6. Most classes between 82-92 have between 25-30 spell upgrades, so for unlockers there would be about another $7.50.

So you are looking at a total of $230. That's equal to 15 months of paying for gold. I dont think many people are going to drop a $15 a month sub and turn around and spend $230 in one lump sum to get back what they had...

And if you're lucky, you are on of those people that stocked up on multiple years of Gold subscription with Triple SC events and marketplace sales and are paying about $1.50-$3 a mo. and are set for the next 2-3 years...

So are you really going to get all bent out of shape because free/silver players can carry around unlimited coin now? Well then good-bye.

There will be no fall-out. If anything we might actually get some more people trying out EQ2 since there will be 1 less restriction.

I highly doubt that people that have been subscribing for years is suddenly going to drop their sub and buy everything from the marketplace to be able to have what they had (mostly) when they were Gold.

After 8 years of EQ2, and all the changes I've seen this game make, this has got to be one of the most ridiculous things for someone to get upset about and threat quitting the game... lol


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