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I"ve been playing EQ2 at 1920x1080 for years with no problem and my eyes are REALLY bad.  Scary bad.  I see two opthamologists a year and my glasses prescription is NOT why I do it.

1.  Update your prescription.  You should do that anyway.

2.  If you're older get reading glasses if you don't wear glasses or use contacts.  You can buy them at most drugstores for $5.00 to $30.00 bucks. If you use glasses make sure they're one of the bifocal/continuous (can't think of the name now) for reading.  Again, you should have a good solution for reading whether or not you're playing EQ2.  Eyestrain should not be an option.

And finally feel free to adjust font size.  I rather doubt that adjusting the Windows font will help you inside EQ2 but you need to be able to read that anyway so probably best for non-EQ2 reasons to get it adjusted right.

In fact I wouldn't be surprised if your problem is you need reading glasses.  Sorry, it comes with getting older and happens to everyone.  Just get them and avoid straining your eyes unnecessarily.

If you have trouble seeing stuff at a distance too I'd strongly recommend you get your prescription updated before you flunk the eye test for your drivers license renewal (assuming they test that for renewals in your state).  In any event, it wouldn't hurt you to have a professional look at your eyes because reading EQ2 text on a monitor like that should NOT be a problem. 

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