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Misia wrote:

Personae Wall even at rank 3 isn't going to do much to help Illys who feel that their pets are weaker than tissue paper.

One AE from any raid mob, especially HM, and the pet goes poof. Blocking 30% of the damage just means, well... nothing.

Dev's please look at this =( I am thinking, and if im wrong correct me, the 30% damage was put in just to make our pet more surviveable through AOE's and not get 1 shot by aoe's and if it still is getting 1 shot by aoes then it essentially makes this mastery useless. Possibly buff it up to 50% damage reduction on the pet or buff our pets hp/etc so that they can survive an AOE? 

Also as far as the Chromatic Illusion AA line, I am going to get on tonight and play with it a bit to see where the damage numbers fall and what not because from what I heard from everyone else is that almost every other classes "stacking/incremental" damage ability endline/midlines are doing insane numbers, ours is still falling way short in comparison to classes such as tanks etc and extremely short of mage damage overall.

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