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Mohee wrote:

I don't really care as long as these new forums actually LOAD! and do it quickly.

I'm sorry, but for years these current forums have been HORRIBLE! Half the time stuff doesn't load, becomes unresponsive, and its just terrible! Sorry SOE, but these current forums performance (in both loading and in the search feature) suck big time!!!

So as long as the new ones quickly load and the search feature actually works, then I'll be happy. 

Hnh! I myself have never had any issues with the forums loading quickly (the game itself, now, and while inside...ask me about my FPS [or not, if you don't want to see a grown kitty cry; getting double-digit FPS is like a perfect day on holiday and is very rare]); if Search has to wade through a ton of articles and brings up several dozens of thousands (usually because I hadn't been specific enough), I can understand its hesitancy. I've rarely had trouble finding what I want, eventually, if it's there. I just hope these improvements aren't too fancy for my old 1.5Gb RAM XP to handle. :-/

I am a bit concerned about some of the "missing" Support Forums, though. And if we could upload screen shots directly, rather than having to go through a file-sharing site (PhotoBucket, etc.), I'd be a happy kitty.

Given all that, I should peruse my old entries, especially any questions I had, and double-check to see if they've been answered... ;->

EDIT: Ooh! One more's been so long since I actually registered to post on the forums (way back when, when great wooly mammals ruled the Earth), I'll probably need a refresher course...nowadays, I login with my Station info, but after that, will there be a nice, simple walk-through for us old farts to get us through the new process? ;->


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