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SteelPiston wrote:

This is just plain stupid and short sighted. Who in their right mind would sub Gold any more? The biggest plus point of being a Gold subscription has just been given away. The Krono escrow account was the right way to go so that limited coin holders could save up to buy Krono. If this goes through, SOE will lose LOADZA MONEY!!!!!

Hopefully this is just for the beta test server.

There's also the AA slider restriction, being able to equip fabled gear/spells without buying an unlocker, monthly SC payout, monthly LoN packs, all classes/races unlocked. I may be forgetting a few things, but a gold membership is still worth it.

The only things you missed was monthy 3 goblin tickets, full broker access, more base charater slots, higher quest journal total, full CS cover, no pop-up adverts.

They've only removed the coin limit so they can profit more from the game through krono nothing more, they didnt do it because we asked they did it because they can profit from it long term.

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