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I still think the damage on chromatic/mystic illusion needs to be reviewed. Last time I did a group zone, on a good aoe fight, it was topping out at around 30k combined dps. I was looking the parses the coercers were posting on the updated Ether Balance and it's back to being amazing, while ours remains bad. Yea, its a blue aoe, which our class needed, but the damage is still very low. Other than that, main point is you have to cast it every 5 seconds to maintain the 10-30k or whatever dps while the coercer can cast theirs once a minute and pull upwards of 70k dps out of it (coercer parse shows EB doing 40k-70k post fix). I would expect ours to do something similar at least in a multi-mob fight. Also, like Keuark was saying, if its not worth casting in a single target rotation, then is it really even worth it? For being our prestige line, thats pretty bad imo.


I think you've made great points here but I'd like to see some numbers as well if anyone can throw some parses in this thread, damage parses as well as mana parses, give a bit of feel for just how detrimental it is to our casting rotation and how it feels with everything else, you have to remember that firstly its a fast cast low cooldown, so things like PoM, ET etc are going to help us with this spell being that its such a quick cast and quick reuse, it could potentially fit in well nice with those but overall I don't think that is going to be the direction to go with an ability such as this and that it would better fit into a mid-cooldown type of area, think like Theorms, Chromatic Shower, Prismatic etc. Something added into that area of cooldowns and being one of our bigger dps abilities with the added benefit of it being aoe would be nice it would be a nice little peice to our collection of big hitters considering we'd have one On-target (Prismatic), One single target (Theorms), One Encounter AE (Chromatic) and 1 Blue AOE (New ability). Its a great concept for the ability but as everyone is pointing out, it needs reworked within the numbers. Possibly a 30second base cooldown? 40? Something along those lines would be great so that it falls in line with our other 3.

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