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Yeah it used to be a point blank aoe.  They changed it any now I'm happy with it.  The proc/incremented spell off of it, mystic illusion i think, seems to be easier for mobs to resist than might be intended.

Still dislike the shorter recast on pom, 24 seconds off the base equates to 12 seconds faster for those of us half geared chanters.  I already feel like I spend too much time casting buffs.  I'd like to vote for a increased pom duration or increased pom damage for the same spot. 

On the left side illusionist need an ACTIVE power regen for the group.  We have enough passive preventative spells that adding yet another seems like a bit of an overkill.  Illusionary Platemail should either be buffed or removed.  Maybe add either +stats/heal/stoneskin/+duration or at least like it affect the healer as well.

Anyway that's my 2cp. Important parts bold... for her pleasure.

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