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it is not my position on ethics that I am pointing out it is my position on smart business practice and using the system to be a benifit in obtaining more customers. It is smart business vs. nickle-&-diming your customer.

while people may like getting their mat back and getting the item too how you conduct your transactions will not change if the aa was changed to always give the bonus mat to the crafter.

You'll give them the bonus mats and other crafters that wish to keep the bonus materials will do so.

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Your greed sir has killed you and drove away your business, while those willing to serve have risen high above your knowledge and comprehension. Because if you haven't any customers there are no side products for you to roll on now are there.

I dont run my crafting like a buisness i'm not out to get more customers or make alot of plat. i help people and only ask for a little payment for services render. all we are asking for is a system to function how it is intended to. the crafter spends the aa point the crafter caused the effect and rightfully should get the resulting bonus.

you know nothing about me any judgement you do make about me is purely grasping at straws.

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your "I" technique in obtaining customers will not earn you business. When you go to a resturant does the cook eat your food? because "THEY" went to cullinary school "THEY" did the cooking "THEY" get the meal? or do you walk in and someone greets you with "How may I serve you?" or something to that effect.

i find this amusing. since how flawed it is. a prov in this game makes you a reactant type food, he grinded his crafting, he makes the meal for you, he gets payment for services rendered, you get the food and *if* he has the conservation of mass aa he should get a chance at bonus mats.

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