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In between runs of Ski Free, here's what I fixed:

  • Riishu should properly have a book over his head when completing his quest.
  • When doing the quest Residual Memory, all Horde on the shores should count toward quest completion.
  • Page 7 should properly update the quest Holdout now.
  • One set of devourers and lost wayward needed for the quest Dearly Departed was in a rock. They are no longer defying physics.
  • The Fire-etched slates for the quest Vanishing Act should properly update the quest now.
  • Alzilius should no longer skip the quest Lost Keys.
  • Lasarah and Qalin should be dressed a bit more appropriately now.

Plus a bunch of grammar and text bugs.  Now I'm going to go through some of the things being reported here and get started on those.  FUN TIMES.

Unexpected Consquences is still borked, by the way.  Let me know if the Duality needs a respawning.

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