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To OP: As Regolas pointed it's all about gear and adornments with optimal for your char aa speccs... but do not be discouraged.. as feldon and others proposed get to WL and do quests there. They are not hard and will give you nice gear rewards... but please adorn them.. And keep reforging stuff on your gear such as spell weapon whatever to something more useful for your class... Start with ma, attack speed or casting speed. For this check eq2wire for other chars in top guilds on your server. You might not have their gear but you can get an idea what they go for when they reforge, what kind of white adorn they use. To Regolas: Plz don't take offence in my comment to you, but maybe you were not that nice when you tried to TEACH your groupies how to play SMILEY Some ppl take hard any criticisms especially in annoyed voice and can get defensive SMILEY I am just guessing here..
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