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I agree I never read that we were intended to be singletarget tanks w/e that means other than significantly weaker cause we are not made to have many mobs beating on us. Nor offtanks since Pallies can do that so much better, and until the nerf to our heals they were also great back up healers since they can fill the role of a support tank while helping with heals.

saying a single target tank is just an excuse for us lacking aggro capabilities.

I know if u are pve only u might say we have no aggro issues but as a pvper only the differences in aggro are exposed to a great degree seeing as how , we cannot do it but Guards zerkers pallies and sk's do it so much better than us.

So on my server not only is it very hard to get a group as a tank but even harder getting a group as a pvp tank in addition. Almost like we were intended as a solo classand never to be needed for a group. But I thought the game was designed for grouping.

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