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feldon30 wrote:

[email protected] wrote:

plowing trash entitles you to nothing. just because you are going the same way as me doesnt mean i should not contest you for pulls. dont be a sore loser. pull faster.

by all means make up all the fancy ettiquete rules you want. i will not play by them. if i see an unclaimed mob i want to pull i will pull it so you better beat me to it.that whole piece of legislation sigrfrida is trying to enact is completely silly and i would be looting the box by the time she sends the first tell. petitioning that you got out pulled in contested content is a complete waste of gm time and never results in punishment for the winner unless you get sucked into a crybaby match and start harrassing someone.

There is a difference between:

  • Two different groups who are active within a contested dungeon and happening to overlap on different mobs.
  • You hanging back and seeing that my group is engaged with trash in the immediate vicinity of a named, WAITING until we've pulled all the trash, and THEN going straight for the named and killing it, and yelling out in /say or /shout "haha you suck!"

If you do the second, you bet I will report you for Disruptive Play. You can make up all the personal rules all you want, if you break the TOS, you're getting reported. It's not about the loot. It's about you pulling a named that you COULD NOT have pulled yourself at that moment if the room full of trash were not already occupied. If we hadn't been there, you would have had to proceed more slowly and carefully. To quote a certain public figure: You didn't do that. You didn't get there on your own. Someone else helped you do that.

Also, you're from Nagafen and this discussion is about PvE on a PvE server.

I agree with you Feldon. I hope you attend SOE Lve this year despite the  P7S1 affair so I can shake your hand.

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