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[email protected] wrote:

Peeling claimed mobs off you or trying to lag you out with fireworks or attempting to train mobs on you is poor sportsmanship.

I come from FFXI. Your character and name is pretty much permanant, but people were ruthless in that game. Contested named consisted of 3 - 5 guilds standing in a circle for the duration of a 3 hour pop window spamming instant cast abilities to claim the named when it popped. The hard part was the servers were in Japan, and half the time the named would spawn on us U.S. players already claimed by JP guilds. EQ2 is a walk in the park.

Yeah, this.  EQ2 is "a walk in the park" indeed.

For some reason a couple friends and I thought it would be a smashing idea to move to a Japanese Ultima Online server (1of3 of them IIRC) when it started up a year after launch or whatever.

To say the Japanese (gamers) take gaming a bit more seriously than us is an understatement.  From contested zone/mob camping to PvP - pretty much anything goes apparently in Japan.

If Japanese guilds were still interested in EQ2, PoW would have been completely and utterly cleard and farmed by now by rotating raid groups and furthermore - were it contested (gasp!) - not one of us would have a piece of it.

EQ2 is dreamy!

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