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Pieceof8 wrote:

Good luck with this thread. I started a similar one a cpl weeks back over camping names for ethereal drops in WL. No matter what time of day you were on you would always see the same ppl camped at the same mob spawn point. This went on for days. I wanted the hive queen so after a cpl days of waiting I decided to take her. I egt this tell from the dude..."Didn't you see me standing there?" I said "Yes I did as you have been there for several days now." The guy called me a KS'er and cursed me out.

I thought that would go away when August was over but now with charms dropping looks like it will be another mnth. of the same. And of course what will drop in October? My complaint was how much hostility this drop event has caused. I'm thinking maybe they should put some code in that decreases the drop rate if you have killed that mob in x amount of hours.

And as was mentioned there if a person is camping a named for ethereals then they're an idiot. WL nameds have ~1 hour repop and ethereals drop from any mob that cons green or higher,  so killing more mobs (named or not) increases your chance of getting one. Sitting for an hour and waiting on a mob rather than killing hundreds is stupid if you're after an ethereal and not a drop. Nameds in WL were camped before the ethereals came out (way more when the zone was new and the drops were selling for over 500pp in some cases), and will be camped after they stop dropping (albeit at a lesser rate due to the higher level gear coming in Nov that will make their fableds worth a lot less).

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