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Currently im using Windows 7, Intel I3 Quad Core (3.70ghrtz), ATI Radeon 5650 (1gb, DDR3) and 528gb hard drive, I use duel moniter to (1920x1080). it was a univerisity supplied PC, but it does pretty good, and with a few tweaks im able to do quite alot. i also run a few other porgrams for clearing ram and stopping pretty much any process that isnt required to keep windows/pc running smoothly

PS: yes i could give the program i wrote to give you much better FPS, but it still needs a few fixes to make it run 100% hehe, at the moment, im changing the cpu affinity and a few other settings after eq2 reverts them back. i need to change that to intercept EQ2 trying to revert them which at the moment is creating a tiny bit of lag about every 2-3minutes (only about a drop of 10-12fps for 4 seconds - but i can fix that)

i3 quad core?  ....maybe im just tired but I thought quad started with certain models in the i5 line?

anyway as stated by Ynn... its all about the OS 

Hello fellow EQ2 gamers!
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